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PCB Through Hole Rework: How to make a delicate PCB board?


Electronic enthusiast network news [Compile / David] : In my opinion, PCB soldering is an art. Through continuous practice, you can easily learn to assemble complex boards and small pitch SMD chips. On the way to learning, learn to accumulate a few PCB welding techniques, although it will not be effective, but it will help you to solder much easier.

However, no matter how long your PCB welding experience, you will still make stupid mistakes from time to time. For example, you will put a chip in the wrong direction, or use an incorrect resistor, and the soldering head is soldered to the wrong side board.

Errors can only be minimized and cannot be avoided. In this case, this requires dealing with rework and the most frustrating rework scenarios involving through-hole parts. The solder must be completely removed. This can take hours and clean the solder with a soldering tin. However, in order to deal with the rework of the through hole of the headache, now we have an exception to introduce a unique secret trick - "slap method" to eliminate welding.

Disclaimer: If handled improperly, it may cause danger, so this method is not suitable for welding beginners. If you are a novice solderer, try using a soldering tin instead of this technique. Regardless of the level of your skill level, safety glasses should be worn.

As an example, first of all, it should be a tool kit, a soldering head and a reworked PCB.